Q & A With Hugh S.

Q. How did you find out about HERO House?
A. From someone at the Olympia clubhouse, which no longer exists.
Q. How often do you come to HERO House?
A. I try to come to the Clubhouse between three and five times a month.
Q. What do you do at HERO House?
A. Facilitate forward progression. I do this by cooking in the kitchen and sharing my talent with others.
Q. What do you like about HERO House?
A. Lots of stuff! I like the safe environment that the clubhouse has created. I get to cook, work on my goals and needs. I never had this type of support before and the Clubhouse has allowed me to grow and work on my recovery.
Q. Have you gotten a job?
A. Nope not yet, I recently received the go-ahead to get a job. I know that the Career Development Unit is very supportive and will help me get a job that I can be proud of.
Q. What did you do before HERO House?
A. I mostly stayed in trouble and didn’t care about life. I was lost and angry but HERO House makes me feel like I belong and is able to help me move forward.
Q. What do you tell people about the clubhouse?
A. That it’s a nice place to get support and feel welcomed. It’s a chance to be a part of a place that understands each person.
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