Q & A with Jesse L.

Q. How did you find out about HERO House?
A. My mom was getting her nails done when a lady approached her, and started talking with her. She told my mom about HERO House and I came to check it out the next day. I became involved in the program then and have been here ever since.
Q. How often do you come to HERO House?
A. About three or four times a week.
Q. What do you do when you’re at HERO House?
A. I work in the business unit helping with projects that need to be done like stuffing envelopes or answering the phone.
Q. What do you like about HERO House?
A. I really like to meet new people, so I enjoy showing potential and new members around the Clubhouse and telling them about how great it is.
Q. Do you have a job?
A. Yes, I got my job through HERO House. I work at Safeway in the Dairy department. I’ve been there 4 years.
Q. What did you do before coming to HERO House?
A. I was pretty depressed and basically slept most of the time. I had nothing to look forward to.
Q. What do you tell people about the Clubhouse?
A. I tell people to come in for a tour and check us out! If they like it here, they should give it a try!