Q & A With Julie M.

Q. How did you find out about HERO House?
A. My father’s neighbor in Woodinville is Bob Simpson who is on the HERO House board of directors. Bob’s son Mark is also a member.
Q. How often do you come to HERO House?
A. I came in every day until recently as I am taking a few weeks off to look for a new job.
Q. What do you do when you’re at HERO House?
A. I answer phones, do some cooking, and drive the Clubhouse van to some of our member socials. That’s really fun!
Q. What do you like about HERO House?
A. It’s such a non-judgmental atmosphere. I get a lot of things done on the computer and when I have questions, there is always someone to help me figure things out!
Q. Do you have a job?
A. Yes. After 3 years of working a a parking lot security attendant, HERO House encouraged me to go back to school. I did and now have a dream job of working in the chemical dependency peer counselor field.
Q. What did you do before coming to HERO House?
A. I was a dental assistant.
Q. What do you tell people about the Clubhouse?
A. I always say good things about HERO House. It’s a great place to go to get help finding a job and to brush up on socialization skills.